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Mia slid into the seat next to the man who kept looking over at her once the movie started. He’d caught her staring, her lower lip unconsciously captured in her teeth and he couldn’t help but wonder why she was eyeing him.

He stared long enough that she moved to sit by him and whispered, “Do you like young Asian slut girls?”

Once he shook his head with a somewhat surprised yes, Rose slowly unzippped his pants and reached into to pull out her suckabe prize.

She smiled up at him and said softly, “I like this.”

And she toyed with him endlessly, with her gifted hands and mouth, in one of the back rows of the theater as the movie flickered sensually over her filthy act. She kept him on the edge until she could feel him ready to burst. Then she intently pressed her throat down hard on as much of his thick length as she could, and he nearly disrupted the rest of the scattered patrons with his muffled grunts and exhalations as he emptied his happy balls into her beautiful young face..

Rose had gotten her reward, as his recently neglected huge wads of seed tasted so delicious going down. More than that, the feeling of being such a public slut for older white men made her pussy drench itself. Which of course, only made her want to do this even more.

“Cum here often?” she teased him with a giggling whisper. He could still barely speak from the sheer wicked surprise of it all.

“I hope so”, Rose added. “I will, if you will.”

She stood up, bent over and pulled down her panties to let him see her taut, pristine-looking naked treasure holes.

“Next time. Maybe you’ll get more.”

He’d be back tomorrow for sure. And so would she.

Inspired by @hiddensideofrose

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Andy got a text from his wife:

“I’m going to be late for our fuck, but you should stay where you are, and stay naked. If you do, you’ll get a treat.”

He didn’t realize the treat would be his wife’s best friend  He didn’t say anything, except to moan appreciatively, but he got the hint that if he was nice about it and not demanding, his wife would let them fuck the next time she was late.

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