Self Humiliation training



Items needed:
– correct sissy attire,
– 1 long thick dildo, ( the longer and thicker the better)
– chastity cage,
– vibrating wand,
– condom,
– camera (to record video)
– alarm timer,

Hello girls,

Your task for today is one of humiliation, your pathetic clit is to be locked in chastity where it belongs, and you are to be dressed in stockings, panties, high heels and dress/outfit (high heels, stockings and panties are a minimum requirement)

Prepare your pussy before hand so it will accommodate the dildo easily, once ready, your to lube up the dildo, and get ready above it, what position you wish to be fucked in is up to you, (be creative, to ensure you entertain me)

Start your camera/phone recording a video of you completing this task, Put a condom over your caged clit with room to accommodate a cum load easily inside, get the vibrating wand and timer ready, in front of you,

Now the fun begins you are to force yourself to cum, using nothing but the vibrating wand, (sissy masterbation) no pussy penetration (not just yet anyway), As your Getting close to your authorised orgasum get your alarm ready and set it to 30 seconds,

Now you can force yourself to cum, as you cum stop vibrating your clit, start the timer, and wait, when the alarm sounds your to slide the dildo deep inside your pussy, and fuck yourself with it, riding it and grinding on it like a whore, (i want to hear moaning)

Soon as you begin fucking your dildo, quickly reset the alarm timer to 5 minuets, and don’t stop fucking yourself under no circumstances no matter how hard your crash emotionally, or how humiliated you are to be dressed and being forced to fuck yourself,

you shouldn’t be able to cum during this as your body will still be crashing from your authorised orgasum,

When the 5 minuets are up you are to slide balls deep on the dildo and wait, now you WILL remove the condom and drink your weak beta sissy cum out of the condom, once this is over you can get off the dildo and clean up, your task is complete, good girl,

The video will not stop recording you through this whole ordeal to prove you have completed my task,

Girls this will test you, and humiliate you, by cumming first then being forced to fuck and ride a dildo, all of your endorphins that moments ago made you feel great and high in sissy heaven will disappear, leaving you in your humiliation, regret and disgust, hence the term crashing,

Im actually looking forward to see which of you girls have it in you to complete this task,

Good luck girls,
Master shervey,

So terrible to have to continue being a dildo-fucked Sissy Faggot after you’ve drained yourself, but it is SUCH good conditioning.

would love to see the vids!