Sissy high heel training weekend:


Items needed:
– high heels (no less than 5" tall, minimum hight is no negotiable) – three pairs of stockings, (1 pair per day)
– three pairs of plastic number locks ( 1 pair per day)
– camera, (photos needed of time/date/number locks)
– phone, (for date and time verification) Hello girls, this task starts on a Friday day/afternoon, depending on work, Your task this weekend, is to lock your high heels onto your feet using number locks so there is no chance of lying to me, they WILL stay on your feet the whole weekend, and yes girls that means you’ll sleep in them as well, You will be required to get dressed in stockings and high heels, what you wear on your top half is up to you, then lock your heels onto your feet, take a picture of the date/time/number locks to prove you have completed this task, Then you will Leave them locked like that all day and night, until the next morning where you will be required to take another picture of the date/time/number locks to prove you obeyed my orders, Once you have done that you may remove the locks and take off your heels, you will be aloud 30 minuets to take a shower or bath, then change your heels (if you have more than one pair) and stockings, Once clean and dressed you will use the second pair of locks, lock up, take pictures of the time/date/new number locks and begin the second day, Then do this task every day until weekend is over, Good luck girls, Master shervey