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A good “girl” taking her medicine.

I always love pictures like this, because you KNOW this is a seedy motel room, and so this sissy finally realized her worth and decided to meet random men to fill her holes. The only thing I would change is the lack of chastity. Gurls… if your clit is free and not locked away, you’re doing yourself and potential suitors a severe disservice.

And men, I think it’s time to step up… I would start refusing to give sissies out of chastity your seed… an unlocked sissy is a liability. You know that after this, this bitch is going to wank her pathetic clit and have a meltdown because all of those male hormones are going to rush her brain and convince her that what she’s doing is wrong. So she’ll purge. Throw away her pretty things, cut contact with anyone who could potentially show her the way. Break the cycle, sissies. Lock yourself up and throw away the key